Programs of Study in the Department of Classics

Minor in Classical Civilization

Any Five (5) of the following courses:

CLAS 016: Ideas in Antiquity
CLAS 050: IH: Ancient Egypt and the Near East
CLAS 051: IH: Ancient Greece and Rome
CLAS 101: Greek Literature in English
CLAS 102: Roman Literature in English
CLAS 103: Classical Art
CLAS 104: Greek Civilization
CLAS 105: Roman Civilization
CLAS 108: Greek Drama in English
CLAS 109: Classical Mythology
CLAS 110: Blacks in Antiquity
CLAS 111: Satire and Comedy
CLAS 112: Law and Politics in the Ancient World
CLAS 113: Women in the Ancient World
CLAS 114: Love in Antiquity
CLAS 115: Slavery in the Ancient World
CLAS 118: Directed Readings
CLAS 701: Ancient Law and Rhetoric-WRTG
CLAS 702: Politics and the Past-WRTG
CLAS 703: Structure of Ancient Thought-WRTG
CLAS 704: Plato's Republic-WRTG
CLAS 705: Cleopatra: Reality and Representations-WRTG
CLAS 708: Greek Drama in English-WRTG
CLAS 710: Classical Heritage-WRTG
CLAS 713: Classical Mythology-WRTG
CLAS 714: Leadership in the Ancient World-WRTG

All upper division language courses (CLAS 132-138, 144-148, 152-154, 157-160)

CLAS 079: General Lit. Honors
CLAS 081: Honors Humanities Seminar I
CLAS 082: Honors Humanities Seminar II
CLAS 085: Directed Reading for Sophomore Honors
CLAS 089: Directed Reading for Junior Honors
CLAS 090: Honors Social Science Seminar

Minor in Latin

Any five (5) of the following courses:

CLAS 001: Elementary Latin I
CLAS 002: Elementary Latin II
CLAS 003: Intermediate Latin Ill
CLAS 004: Intermediate Latin IV
CLAS 144: Catullus and Horace
CLAS 145: Lucretius and Cicero
CLAS 146: VergiI, I
CLAS 147: VergiI, II
CLAS 148: Roman Historians
CLAS 152: Latin Prose Composition
CLAS 153: Special Topics in Latin
CLAS 154: Special Topics in Latin
CLAS 157: Directed Readings in Latin
CLAS 158: Directed Readings in Latin
CLAS 159: Directed Readings in Latin
CLAS 160: Directed Readings in Lati:

Minor in Ancient Greek

Any five (5) of the following courses:

CLAS 010: Elementary Greek I
CLAS 011: Elementary Greek II
CLAS 012: Intermediate Greek III
CLAS 013: Intermediate Greek IV
CLAS 132: Introduction to Greek Tragedy
CLAS 133: Introduction to Homer
CLAS 134: Introduction to Plato
CLAS 135: Introduction to Greek Lyric Poetry
CLAS 137: SpeciaI Topics in Greek
CLAS 138: SpeciaI Topics in Greek