Dr. Caroline Stark Brings "Black Classicists of the 19th Century" Exhibit to Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies

Black Classicists of the 19th Century Exhibit

"This academic year and in celebration of Howard’s Sesquicentennial in 2017, the Blackburn Gallery of Art at Howard University and the Center for Hellenic Studies are hosting a series of lectures and events in conjunction with the display on both campuses of Michele Valerie Ronnick’s exhibit, “15 Black Classicists,” with the support of Dr. Caroline Stark‘s Leadership Initiative Grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States. Of the fifteen portraits, James Monroe Gregory, Wiley Lane, George Morton Lightfoot, and Lewis Baxter Moore were faculty and administrators at Howard. The series includes guest lectures, workshops, readings, and a symposium that celebrates the important role of African Americans to the field of Classics. Please contact Dr. Stark (caroline.stark@howard.edu) to arrange tours of the exhibit."

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